Monday, April 30, 2012

adventures: Season 2 Episode 1 Progress in Zafaria

Liam:Yay! Yesterday I hit level 68. And today I hit level 69! And I got Gnome! And I'm on the drum jungle in Zafarai. An-

Me: Woah Woah Woah! I didn't even have time to say sorry for not posting this yesterday. I am very sor-

Liam: -kills most mobs on the third round [I'll tell you more about this later]-

Me: *sigh*

Liam: -it doues thusands of damage! Gnome rocks!

Tevor: Baka*

Liam: *glares* Well? What have you been doing?

Tevor: W-w-well...... I talked to some people in Krokotopia...

Liam: Of course, very heroic.

Trevor: As if you even count as a hero, you destroy more then you save.

Liam: I DO NOT!!!

Trevor: Do to!

Steven: Time for pho-

Liam: DO NOT!

Me: Shut up and let steven show the photos!

*Baka means Idoit in Japanese

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