Thursday, May 17, 2012

More on pirate101 ( incuding some of my favorite photo's from the site)

Liam: Hello!

Me: Hello everyone. Haven't been playing wizard101 lately (been playing some console games) but major news on the pirate101 front.

Liam: Really? What is it?

Me: Well lookie here:

Me: Is it me or is that Krokotopia in the distance?

Liam: Ugh no more krokotopia please, there are like no plants there!

Me: And theres more, here are some more of my favorite photos:

Me: Cool huh?

Liam: Sweet! Hey, come to think of it, what class will your main charactor for piate101 be?

Me: Probably privateer. They can buff their allies, and in some cases they can even heal.

Liam: Cool, I would probably pick that to if not for the fact that i am a fictional charactor!

Trevor: ...

Steven: Anyway I would probably be a bucaneer. They are very tough and can weild the biggest aroumor and swords, kinda likeice magic.

Trevor: I would be a Witch Doctor, they can study dark magic!

Liam: and by the way I'm up to the wild in Avolon:

See ya

Monday, May 14, 2012

Progress by Liam, Steven, and trevor

Liam: Liam here. I'd like to tell you guys about my adventures in Avolon but... first i got to tell you about how i finished up Zafaria.

Liam: I was amazed by how powerful the spiders at the end of mirror lake were. they dealt over 3500 damage on a single round to all of us (well one of the attacks criticaled but none of us blocked it) and stunded us on the same turn.

Trevor: Am I'm beginning to get somewhere in krokotopia.

[if you're wondering why there is always music in my videos it is becuase I can't get my sound recording stuff to work]

Steven: And I'm doing well in marlybone.

[Where isthat stinkin photo!?]

Steven: Anyway I'm on counterweight west now.

[Congrats to the friendly necromancer]

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Avalon hits the live realm!

Avalon hits the live realm, I'm not quite ready, I've hit transendent, but haven't beaten Zafaria yet.