Monday, September 5, 2011

Crazy's Crazy Adventures Episode 3: Crazy vs The Waterworks!

Liam: Crazy here! I am back! Soo uh... I am here for episode 3 of my adventures!!! I decided to beat the Waterworks! And uhh i just went there. No preparation what so ever. I just went underwater got to the sigil and pressed X. Luckily there were two wizard nearby who joined. The first two battles were pretty easy. In the puzzle room i was doing good- but enemies apeared! They were tough. Only took the other wizards a few dragons to beat tough (i was healing). Then the boss dude was hard. He killed the others and i was "inked" so i couldn't heal them (literly at that point my accuracy was like 0%). After they fled I started doing better  though. However i still ran out of of attack spells before he hit "bloodied*" I spent 34 cents worth of cwons on henchmen. Two of them died within three rounds. Life one did good though. Aside from when he bladed me and healed us when we were at max health. I got bored nd quit though. Here are photos: