Monday, April 30, 2012

adventures: Season 2 Episode 1 Progress in Zafaria

Liam:Yay! Yesterday I hit level 68. And today I hit level 69! And I got Gnome! And I'm on the drum jungle in Zafarai. An-

Me: Woah Woah Woah! I didn't even have time to say sorry for not posting this yesterday. I am very sor-

Liam: -kills most mobs on the third round [I'll tell you more about this later]-

Me: *sigh*

Liam: -it doues thusands of damage! Gnome rocks!

Tevor: Baka*

Liam: *glares* Well? What have you been doing?

Tevor: W-w-well...... I talked to some people in Krokotopia...

Liam: Of course, very heroic.

Trevor: As if you even count as a hero, you destroy more then you save.

Liam: I DO NOT!!!

Trevor: Do to!

Steven: Time for pho-

Liam: DO NOT!

Me: Shut up and let steven show the photos!

*Baka means Idoit in Japanese

Sunday, April 29, 2012

I'm Back... sorry

Sorry for not posting in forever. Very sorry.

Part of it is that I havn't been playing wizard101 much. But part of it is that I am a big procrastinator.

Anyway Liam's about haveway through Zarfaria (I think)

Crazy is on the dragon gate in Wintertusk.

And Crazy is level 66.

And I'm exicied about Avlon and Pirate101.

...I will post more on my progress later today.