Thursday, December 30, 2010

sorry + story time

Sorry i haven't posted in a while, I've been playing to many other games ;(.

Anyway story time.

Liam and second chance chests

Liam hated second chance chests. HE HATED THEM! They are gambling.

Liam's fight with Malistare was fast aproching. Liam was scaling the great spire with some of his friends. They both knew Malistare was past a sealed door. "What type of seal is this, Liam? Your the best at this." siad Mark Shadowleaf. "It's a cristal seal, we need to activate cristals to open it" said Liam. Liam, Mark and the others ran to the cristals. "There's a hellaphant graurding it!" The hellaphant swung its mighty sword, but everyone dodged. Then it summed a phenix. It was attacking Taylor. "Centaur kill it" Taylor shouted. The centaur and pheonix defeated each other. Then Liam summoned centaur, Dave summoned collosus, and mark summened Hydra. They defeated the hellaphant! "Liam open the second chance chest" said dave. "Fine" said Liam.

and whatdoyaknow I got gurtox virus ring on my first ever second chance chest try

Saturday, December 25, 2010


My signed and  p- o nevermind i just show the photo

Sweet huh,


YAY new laptop for xmas!
And I'm ready to download wizzard101 YAY!

Merry xmas plus...

Merry xmas + my birthday!

Yup i was born on xmas.

Anyway merry xmas!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

some more trading cards plus crowns

Yep I got some crowns. Hmm. Either gonna save them or buy niga pig outfit with them.

Anyway for the cards:

There ya go ;)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

On to Krokotopia

O, wizard city goes bye bye!
Say, hello to Krok-ok!
In land, o soapia!


good, any ol' Trev' Death's beaten wizard city!

Let's find photos

nothing, i need to be pressing:   PrtSc

some more,

See ya in the spiral ;P

Severs down

Right now the wizard101 severs are down! And I managed to complete a quest within the last minute.
It was buggy when the severs went down.

See ya in the spiral ;P

Monday, December 20, 2010

Wizard City- check

Ol' Trev' Death completed Wizardcity (and all the side quests in the main area's + colossus boulevard). Now off to KT (Krokotopia).

Btw here the trading card of the day:

goust of wizard101 future- wizard city bye bye

You guested it! Ol' Trev' Death's almost done with wizard city only colossus boulevard is left, let's see if I have any photo's.

Well I have that, anyway gobblers: be wary, Trever's about to banshee you some more!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Trading card of the day!

There we go...

Ol' trevor progressing nice an' fine

He's completed every quest on: Unicorn Way, Triton Avenue and Cyclops lane (well all but one on cyclops lane (he is gonna complete it when i gets quests on firecat ally to fight the same enemy)). He's also reached level 10 and done 505 damage, witch is a lot for his lvl.

Here he is on firecat alley:

I've also got good photo for trading card of the day playing as him.

see ya in the spiral ;P

Saturday, December 18, 2010

been levelin' and questin' to death

yep lvling my death

he may not look like much but he is

w00t 100 pageviews!

100 page views in less then 2 weeks since my first post w00t! Way quicker then i expected w00t!

( I'm very super exited)

Trading card of the day

Hmm running out of photos gotta get some more.

Trading card of the da- er yesterday sorry

Not every card has to be a wizard or monster, right?

Friday, December 17, 2010

Daily news 12-17-10

Liam Emerald blossom in now a initiate gardener:

Reporter: Is there anything that made the climb to initiate gardener easier?
Liam: Yup, the giving tree, not only does it give 300 gardening xp per harvest (3,000 at elder) but money equal to the crowns you spend on gets donated, it's awesome!

Steven Frostsword- three streets savior:

He only has colossus boulevard left in wizard city!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

trading card of the day plus...

Steven's leveled to 29! Ah well i don't do enough side quests so... I won't try katz lab till I complete every side quest advalible to steven excluding book and zeke quests.

Anyway to the card, whoops i forgot to make it one second *makes it*

Sorry about taking so long, i was listening to ravenwood radio while doing it and i got cought up in it

ah well here we go:

Opps for got to save here i go again.

nvm found it, i am horrible at it today

here he go for real:

side quest time

I want to lvl Steven to 35 before he does katstiens lab cuz it was the hardest place in the game for Liam so its side quest time!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Trading card of the day- fire dragon

Lvl 28 spell quest check

Yup Steven's is lvl 28 now. He did the spell quests, witch involved defeating a boss with 2,000 health-but he was only rank 4. Compare that to Jaqus the scracher (second time), who is a rank 6 ice boss and only has 1,800 health. Btw i Steven just beat him and knights court. I have some photos:

That fight was down to the last spell. Litterly. I had 74 health left and he had 1. He had 3 pips! He was attacking, I felt so cold as he scrached me. I felt my mind slipping out of the world. Luckily i had time to cast a tower shield before I died. I lived! For now anyway. I didn't have the pips to attack. I drew and casted treasure cards aimlessly. YES! One was a ghoul, i had won!

Sorry that i slipped into fan fiction mode. That is what happened though.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Woot neophyte gardener!

hehehe i love gardening, guess thats cuz I'm life.
see ya in  the spiral ;P

Trading card of the day- Ice Wryven

New donating deal

My comets are in bold.

Last year our players raised $125,000 for Charity! This year, we are offering our players a chance to give a little Magic to someone in need.

When you purchase of a Giving Tree Seed from the Crowns Shop at the price of 2500 Crowns (approximately $5), KingsIsle Entertainment will donate the net proceeds to the following two charities in Texas:

A gardening seed i think.

Anyway heres the info on the charities:

Children's Medical Center in Plano Texas is a private, not-for-profit, and is the seventh largest pediatric healthcare provider in the country with 559 licensed beds, two full-service campuses and 10 outpatient sites. Children's was the state's first pediatric hospital to achieve Level 1 Trauma status and is the only pediatric teaching facility in North Texas affiliated with UT Southwestern Medical Center.

For more information about Children's Medical Center in Plano Texas or how to give, please visit
Anyway heres the second:
Austin Children’s Shelter protects and heals children, young adults and families in need. Established in 1984, ACS provides emergency shelter and long-term residential care for children and youth who have experienced abuse and neglect or are at extreme risk. Through a variety of critical services designed to reduce emotional trauma, a teen mother program and services for youth aging out of foster care, ACS can have a sustaining, positive effect on young lives.

To learn more about the Shelter, visit the website at
Kingsile had a deal like this last year and we player donated $125,000. Hopefully we can donate even more this year.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Trading card of the day- Liam Emeraldblossom

Ugh the card maker has to many gliches one sec *fixes card*

Ah thats better.

Firecat alley

My myth wizard just bear firecat alley.

here is a picture of him:

Ah well off to cyclops lane.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Trading card of the day- forest lord

Tell me if you have any requests of cards you want.

Once i have a lot i will tell you how to play.

See ya in the spiral ;P

The trial of spheres

I just beat the trail of spheres with some of my real life friends and my bro:

Plus my bro beat Celestia and tunred legendary.

More maxing

Niether were criticals:

they were on a rank 10 death boss

Friday, December 10, 2010

Grizzlehiem pwning

I was bored so i had Liam pwn some quests in grizzlehiem.

More Gardening Photos

Here's more garening photo's now that there is more stuff to see.

First we have a Oliva stormcluod's garden:

now we have my garden:

And finnally my killing a pest:

not the best, sigh


woot Liam just did that!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Lvl 58 gear bought

Liam bought the life lvl 58 boots and ring- the only things he didnt have. He also pwned all the enemies on big ben to help a friend.

See ya in the spiral ;P

No more no sell

On the live realm you can sell all the lvl 58 stuff at the bazaar. Right now I am logging on to find out more and get mine.

Battle in Grizzlehiem

Steven fought a boss in Grizzlehiem and i got photos!

see ya in the spiral ;P