Tuesday, January 25, 2011

role call-info on rpg roles

Yay! I feel like talking about roles.

DND roles:
striker-damage and low health
defender-high health, high defences, ability to make enemies attack themselves
leader-ability to heal
controller-AoE (area of effect) damage, ability to inflict a lot of statuses on enemies (slowed, grabed, immobilized etc.).

Wizard101 versions:
controller-no good fit

I just wish ice wizards would actually use taunt.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

stat bug

Look at quen sparkr's power pip chance boost

any old day on wiz101(wizard101)

Well i diecided to log in. 2 pants on elder yay. Hey on of my legendary friends is on. x ports x. "Hi" "Hello.  x Wizard pits in x. "I need help on ci go log on and do some gardening.rimson fields. I get the secret boss ready. he has to go. I have to go. Anyway I'll log on and do some gardening.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Look right over my hat.
I can see though my plant!
It happend with all my plants exept stinkweed an  um deadly fly trap.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

my doing of late

I can't think of a good post so I'll just update you on my doings of late.
DND was postponed. Liam is rank 8 gardener. I made my raptr.
Hey i forgot to garden today!
Anyway i go gardening

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

yesterday in review

What did i do yesterday? Hmmm. Well i play wizard101.

I got carried away.

We forgot our prisms.

I also did some pet minigames.

Ronan Dragonhart was also there. He's one of the people I play DND with

Monday, January 10, 2011

Pet Compairisons

WoW: 2 classes only, fight with you,
RS: has pets, members only, I forget rest
FR: no clue
Wizard101: all classes, free to play, minorly assists you


Less then 40 minutes ago I got my 250th view YAY

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Wizard101 rocking the vote

Wizard 101 is totally rocking the vote. it has like 69.6 percent. BUT NO WE WANT 99.9% SO GO VOTE


"I've got the L"- Liam
"Does anyone know a c"- Liam

[Rules: must be gag, must be wizard101 oreented. After the current poll we will vote on the funniest.]

trial of the spheres-walkthough

A couple people found my blog by searching for "trial of spheres" so I asume you guys might want more on that. Anyway,


theres the only walkthrough like thing i could find.

Anyway heres how i do it.

When you enter your goal is to find some puzzles, but you also have to do them. Then you can fight Astraos. Remember he cheats. First he casts "super tower shield". It is minus 90%. Then his minions pop up. There are 3 of them. They either have 500 health or theyhave 900 health, they are rank 5 life bosses. The "super tower shield" alwas comes back while they alive. They come back every 2-8 rounds after they all are defeated.

Anyway this is how to solo him. First cast every trap and blade in your deck three times. Then use your 6 7 or 8 pip AoE spell. Then wand boss. Then use your best AoE. Grats you won (if you have a lot of traps and blades (if you dont just repeat this)).

On moon just you the thing until the paths form, then defeat mobs and get the moon shiels. When you have them all put them on the statues. Then you can fight the boss.

First delete all traps from you deck. If he shields cast a blade- it will make him get rid of thte shield. Now he's an any old rank 11 boss. So just do your ussiall thing.

On sun run up the hills and "X" the mirrors. Then open the sun chests and put the swords on the statues.

Add you traps to your deck again. You will need them. First cast elemetal/spirit blade and elemental/spirit trap. Now once again you facing an ordenary rank 11 boss.

Hope that helped ;)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Anouther compairison

WoW: 160% run speed, in game money, quest reward for two classes
FR: ?
RS: none
Wizard101: 140% run speed, 30$

DND day plus mmo comparisons

FIrst off i have to tell you guys that i play Dungeons and Dargons every saterday. Latly one of the people we do it with was sick though.

Any time for mmo compairisons.

Max level:
World of Warcraft: 85
Free realms: 40 for each skill
Runescape: 138 combat, 99 for each skill
Wizard101: 60 wizard, 10 gardening, 7 crafting

Max charactors:
WoW: infinate?
FR: 1?
RS: 1
Wiz101: 6

WoW: 12
FR: 2
RS: 1
Wiz101: 1

WoW: 10
FR: varios skills
RS: varios skills
Wiz101: varios skills

Sub classes:
WoW: 3 per class
Wiz101: none

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Yup some of i friends and I pwned Malisare

first forest lord

then storm lord

which lead to frost gaint

and then i finished him with a 7000 damage forest lord

That was only 3 rounds. Plus I came in on the secondond round and got a pip, AKA a big handicap for Mali