Sunday, January 9, 2011

trial of the spheres-walkthough

A couple people found my blog by searching for "trial of spheres" so I asume you guys might want more on that. Anyway,

theres the only walkthrough like thing i could find.

Anyway heres how i do it.

When you enter your goal is to find some puzzles, but you also have to do them. Then you can fight Astraos. Remember he cheats. First he casts "super tower shield". It is minus 90%. Then his minions pop up. There are 3 of them. They either have 500 health or theyhave 900 health, they are rank 5 life bosses. The "super tower shield" alwas comes back while they alive. They come back every 2-8 rounds after they all are defeated.

Anyway this is how to solo him. First cast every trap and blade in your deck three times. Then use your 6 7 or 8 pip AoE spell. Then wand boss. Then use your best AoE. Grats you won (if you have a lot of traps and blades (if you dont just repeat this)).

On moon just you the thing until the paths form, then defeat mobs and get the moon shiels. When you have them all put them on the statues. Then you can fight the boss.

First delete all traps from you deck. If he shields cast a blade- it will make him get rid of thte shield. Now he's an any old rank 11 boss. So just do your ussiall thing.

On sun run up the hills and "X" the mirrors. Then open the sun chests and put the swords on the statues.

Add you traps to your deck again. You will need them. First cast elemetal/spirit blade and elemental/spirit trap. Now once again you facing an ordenary rank 11 boss.

Hope that helped ;)

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  1. On the first boss what exactly do you mean when you say cast every trap and blade spell you have three times? I am a life wizard as well and am thinking about soloing this instance. I'm a level 67 and I have my AoE spell.