Sunday, August 18, 2013

Pirate101- the origin of the Armada

When playing Pirate101, I asked myself a question. What is the armada based on? Everything else in the games (Pirate101 and Wizard101) is based on something, both real things and fictional things. I gave up trying, until yesterday.

Similar huh, both a country call Aragon, and a Aragon skyway in Valencia? It makes perfect sense. Part of Aragorn became part of Spain, and In the Early colonial era, Spain was famous for its "armada", the largest fleet in the world.


There is a real life kingdom of Valencia. Even more interesting, it was part of Aragon! Aragon took over Valencia around 1238 A.D. In pirate101 we have the opposite, the Valencian armada destroying Aragon skyway!

Still not convinced? Well, the majority of the Spanish armada was destroyed in a storm while sailing to England. Why, because they were at war. The remainder of the armada was destroyed by England. In pirate101 Valencia and Marlybone are at war. We know for a fact that the Pirate101 armada will be destroyed, but how?

What if El Dorado releases a storm that destroys the armada and marlybone hunts down the armada? It seem likely to me and it fits with history so... why not.

Anyways that's just my theory, and sorry for not posting in forever so seeya guys,

Sunday, October 21, 2012

I'm back, and a video

Hello, sorry for not posting in forever. First I got busy playing Wizard101 Avalon. Then Pirate101 Beta. Then Guild Wars 2. Then here I am.

I'm only level 8 in pirate101 (though I was around 37 in the beta). I lack motivation the second time around. I haven't beaten Avolon either!

I've got almost nothing acomplished in the last five monthes. So here a video to say sorry.

Really sorry guys.

See you,


P.S. I added the soundtrack becuase I can't seem to record sound properly.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

More on pirate101 ( incuding some of my favorite photo's from the site)

Liam: Hello!

Me: Hello everyone. Haven't been playing wizard101 lately (been playing some console games) but major news on the pirate101 front.

Liam: Really? What is it?

Me: Well lookie here:

Me: Is it me or is that Krokotopia in the distance?

Liam: Ugh no more krokotopia please, there are like no plants there!

Me: And theres more, here are some more of my favorite photos:

Me: Cool huh?

Liam: Sweet! Hey, come to think of it, what class will your main charactor for piate101 be?

Me: Probably privateer. They can buff their allies, and in some cases they can even heal.

Liam: Cool, I would probably pick that to if not for the fact that i am a fictional charactor!

Trevor: ...

Steven: Anyway I would probably be a bucaneer. They are very tough and can weild the biggest aroumor and swords, kinda likeice magic.

Trevor: I would be a Witch Doctor, they can study dark magic!

Liam: and by the way I'm up to the wild in Avolon:

See ya

Monday, May 14, 2012

Progress by Liam, Steven, and trevor

Liam: Liam here. I'd like to tell you guys about my adventures in Avolon but... first i got to tell you about how i finished up Zafaria.

Liam: I was amazed by how powerful the spiders at the end of mirror lake were. they dealt over 3500 damage on a single round to all of us (well one of the attacks criticaled but none of us blocked it) and stunded us on the same turn.

Trevor: Am I'm beginning to get somewhere in krokotopia.

[if you're wondering why there is always music in my videos it is becuase I can't get my sound recording stuff to work]

Steven: And I'm doing well in marlybone.

[Where isthat stinkin photo!?]

Steven: Anyway I'm on counterweight west now.

[Congrats to the friendly necromancer]

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Avalon hits the live realm!

Avalon hits the live realm, I'm not quite ready, I've hit transendent, but haven't beaten Zafaria yet.

Monday, April 30, 2012

adventures: Season 2 Episode 1 Progress in Zafaria

Liam:Yay! Yesterday I hit level 68. And today I hit level 69! And I got Gnome! And I'm on the drum jungle in Zafarai. An-

Me: Woah Woah Woah! I didn't even have time to say sorry for not posting this yesterday. I am very sor-

Liam: -kills most mobs on the third round [I'll tell you more about this later]-

Me: *sigh*

Liam: -it doues thusands of damage! Gnome rocks!

Tevor: Baka*

Liam: *glares* Well? What have you been doing?

Tevor: W-w-well...... I talked to some people in Krokotopia...

Liam: Of course, very heroic.

Trevor: As if you even count as a hero, you destroy more then you save.

Liam: I DO NOT!!!

Trevor: Do to!

Steven: Time for pho-

Liam: DO NOT!

Me: Shut up and let steven show the photos!

*Baka means Idoit in Japanese

Sunday, April 29, 2012

I'm Back... sorry

Sorry for not posting in forever. Very sorry.

Part of it is that I havn't been playing wizard101 much. But part of it is that I am a big procrastinator.

Anyway Liam's about haveway through Zarfaria (I think)

Crazy is on the dragon gate in Wintertusk.

And Crazy is level 66.

And I'm exicied about Avlon and Pirate101.

...I will post more on my progress later today.