Sunday, August 18, 2013

Pirate101- the origin of the Armada

When playing Pirate101, I asked myself a question. What is the armada based on? Everything else in the games (Pirate101 and Wizard101) is based on something, both real things and fictional things. I gave up trying, until yesterday.

Similar huh, both a country call Aragon, and a Aragon skyway in Valencia? It makes perfect sense. Part of Aragorn became part of Spain, and In the Early colonial era, Spain was famous for its "armada", the largest fleet in the world.


There is a real life kingdom of Valencia. Even more interesting, it was part of Aragon! Aragon took over Valencia around 1238 A.D. In pirate101 we have the opposite, the Valencian armada destroying Aragon skyway!

Still not convinced? Well, the majority of the Spanish armada was destroyed in a storm while sailing to England. Why, because they were at war. The remainder of the armada was destroyed by England. In pirate101 Valencia and Marlybone are at war. We know for a fact that the Pirate101 armada will be destroyed, but how?

What if El Dorado releases a storm that destroys the armada and marlybone hunts down the armada? It seem likely to me and it fits with history so... why not.

Anyways that's just my theory, and sorry for not posting in forever so seeya guys,

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